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FAQ's for the 2015-2016 School Year
Below are some frequently asked questions about

How do I sign my child up for CeCare?

Pick up or print out the enrollment form, fill it out and return it to a CeCare Staff Member between 6:45-7:25 a.m., or 2:20-6:00 p.m. There are enrollment forms in the multipurpose room during CeCare hours, as well as in the office. If you cannot bring the form in during these hours, you may turn it into the office. Once we receive the form, we will add your child to our roster.

My child attended CeCare last year. Do I need to sign up again?

Yes. You need to fill out an enrollment form for each school year.

Where Should My Kids Go?

Before school, you and your child should go to the Multipurpose Room. (If the gate is closed, please open it and walk in). At 7:30, the Playground opens. CeCare Staff will escort your child to the playground and supervise them. When the 7:45 bell rings, the entire campus opens, so students in grades 1-8 may go place his or her backpack by their classroom and then play on the playground or hang out and talk with friends in the quad area. At 7:55, another bell will ring, and all children will go to their classrooms.

If your child is in kindergarten, you also drop him or her off in the multipurpose room. At 7:30, he or she will play on the big playground, with supervision. At 7:45, a CeCare staff member will walk all kindergartners to the Kindergarten playground, where they will be supervised by the teacher on duty until classrooms open at 7:55.

After school, Kindergarten students will be picked up from their teacher by a CeCare Staff Member. Students in Grades 1-8 should go immediately to the Multipurpose Room, where they will be greated by a CeCare Staff Member.

Where and When Should I Make My Payment?

We would prefer you to make your payment to a CeCare Staff Member when you drop off or pick up your child. We accept cash or checks, and will give you a receipt. (Please make checks payable to CECA).

Payments are due in advance, so you should make your payment on Friday, the week before you need services, or Monday.

How does the Flex Plan Work?

The flex plan gives you the ability to use up to ten hours of CeCare Services for only $30 per week. You may use this time anyway you'd like; in the morning or after school. Flex Hours DO NOT carry over. The fee is due weekly.

My Schedule Changed. Can I Change my Service Package?

Yes, you may change services packages. If you need to adjust your package, please notify a CeCare Staff Member.

My family will be going on vacation. Do I have to pay for CeCare Charges when he or she will not attend the program?

No you do not. If your child will not attend CeCare for the entire week, you do not have to pay for services. Please let us know you will be gone, so we know not to expect your child that week.

My child was sick and missed a day of school. Do I still have to pay the regular weekly charge?

Yes, you do. We cannot offer discounts for one or two day absences.

Is CeCare open during school holidays?

No we are not. If there is no school, then CeCare is closed. However, you do not have to pay to reserve your child's spot on vacation days. If we have a day off of school, you will pay the "Shortened Week" price that is listed on the registration form. You pay nothing for Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break or Spring Break.

I have more questions! Who should I talk to?

You can speak to any CeCare Staff Member, or call the Office and ask for Cyndi Ridge between 8:00 and 10:30 each morning.

You may also scroll down to see the earlier FAQ which also apply to this years program. Hope to see you Soon!

Thank you,

Your CeCare Staff
General CeCare Questions

What is CeCare?
CeCare is a before and after school child care program for students who attend CECA. It is staffed by employees of Competitive Edge Charter School, and runs under the direction of Mr. Litel.

What would my child do?
Our students have homework time, make crafts, play outside and use the computer lab. They also have free time so they can focus on the activities they enjoy doing and play with friends.  

What hours is CeCare open, and where is it located?
CeCare opens at 6:30 a.m., and closes at 6:00 p.m. We are based in the multi-purpose room, and use many of the school facilities, including the Playground, Art Center (in the 600 bldg), Computer Lab and Family Activity Center.

How do I sign up for CeCare?
Signing up for CeCare is fast and easy. You can either stop by the multi-purpose room before or after school and pick up a registration packet, or print the “CeCare Day Care Pricing Sheet & Contract located in the “File” section at the bottom of this page. (Packets are also available in the school office). After you return your completed registration form and first payment, we will add your child to our roster. Please turn in your sign up papers at least one day before your child’s first day with us. (In an emergency situation, we are able to do same day registrations). If you have an emergency situation, please call the school office.

How much is CeCare? When are payments due? Where should I make my payment?
Cost depends on what kind of care you need. We have several packages available. If you need care on a daily basis, the costs are: Flex Plan (1-10 hours per week), which replaces our Before School Only Plan, After School: $60.00/week ($48.00 for short weeks) and Before and After School: $85.00/week ($68.00 for short weeks).  Charges are payable in advance, (i.e. if you need care on Monday, payment is due on Friday). You can turn in your payment to the CeCare Staff. If you need to make a payment during the school day, you may also pay in the school office. Checks should be made payable to CECA.

I only need care for a day or two. Does CeCare provide that? How much does it cost?
Yes we do! Drop in services are available for parents with irregular schedules or those who need one time or occasional care. Your child is also welcome to attend our program for the fun of it! To sign up, follow the registration process listed above, and bring your contract & payment to a CeCare Staff member or the school office.  Drop in services are $7.00 for before school care, $15 for after school care, and $20 for before and after school care.

Do you provide snacks?
Yes. We supply a nutritional snack every day. Our snack menu changes daily, but a good example is apple juice and Sun Chips. Kids are also welcome to bring a snack from home if they’d like.

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